FCPK Bytów

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About us

FCPK Bytow,  - the leader of the mold and die industry in Central and Eastern Europe for almost 25 years. We have developed through these years from 86 to more than 250 people company. Continuously implementing latest technologies we can satisfy growing customer's requirements.
We believe that t
ime without change produces only age.

City of Bytow (21,000 inhabitants) is  located in the center of beautiful region known in Poland as "Swiss Kaszuby".
Landscape - often spiced with old Gothic castles remembering times of Teutonic Knights - and vicinity of Baltic Sea create unforgettable feeling of ... nice, warmth and welcome.


Over 900 years old Kielce, city of 210,000 people lies at base of oldest mountains in Europe. Swietokrzyskie Mountains with breath taking views - from Holy Cross monastery,  across sanctified by time Goloborze Rocks on Lysica Hill - to St. Catherine village on the borders of Jodlowa Forest.
Natural beauty and air of tranquility makes this national park a tourist attraction, for all the people from Warsaw and Cracow looking for magnificent panoramas, fresh air and place to rest.