FCPK Bytów

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FCPK Bytów Sp. z o.o.
ul. Lęborska 26
77-100 Bytów
tel. +48-59-822-9700
fax +48-59-822-9701
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fax +48-59-822-9702


FCPK Bytów Sp. z o.o. OZ Kielce
ul. K.Olszewskiego 6
25-663 Kielce
tel. +48-41-347-5300
fax +48-41-347-5301
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Customer Service:

fax +48-59-822-9701

Wojciech Fligiel   
  w.fligiel@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9720
  Customer Service Manager
Katarzyna Zaborowska
Manager assistant
  k.zaborowska@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9726



Irena Kaszkowiak   i.kaszkowiak@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9721
Magdalena Cyrson   m.cyrson@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9722
Małgorzata Sierzputowska   m.sierzputowska@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9723
Wioleta Wronek-Borowska   w.wronek-borowska@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9724
  Agnieszka Król   a.krol@fcpk.pl +48-59-822-9725
  Magdalena Płuciennik    m.pluciennik@fcpk.pl -48-59-822-9727

We work Monday to Friday, 7:00 - 17:00

2016 holidays schedule:

15.08.2017 Tuesday Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
1.11.2017 Wednesday All Saints
25.12.2017 Monday Christmas
26.12.2017 Tuesday Christmas


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